Case Study –
Studio Mouvement

What do you get when you combine a life coach/yoga enthusiast with a percussionist/program director? Movement! When Tatiana and Joël approached Birddog to help them create their new business identity we jumped at the chance.

Mouvement is a multi-disciplinary company with a strong focus on yoga, dance and music. The problem was how to harness the essence of all these dynamic elements into a cohesive look? So we rolled up our sleeves and did what we do best—we sat back and let it cook for a while.

What emerged was a logo that focused on the energy of the company’s name and what it stood for (community, freedom and vitality). In this particular case digital efforts were eschewed for a handmade approach—painted by hand, the mouvement icon stands out in the sea of yoga studios that dot our city. The dynamic brush strokes work together to create a one-of-a-kind symbol that also happens to spell out one of the most potent chants in yoga: “om”.

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